the Nest saves power and money, oh my!

The Nest saves energy by controlling your thermostat remotely.

The Nest saves energy by controlling your thermostat remotely.

Sweet Bean growled at my husband when he recently installed in our house what I wrote off as a silly man toy: The Nest, a fancy gadget that allows you to control your thermostat (i.e. both heat and air conditioning) remotely. I failed to think through the logic of it, to say the least.

Win for hubby for sure.

The benefits are, in fact, pretty mind-blowing for all home owners, renters and apartment dwellers, who use hundreds of watts of power every year to keep our abodes toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. That power use translates to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in expenses, not to mention the burning of fossil fuels that are polluting our precious air (unless, of course, you are tapping into renewable energy such as solar or wind; even then, it’s costing you).

With the Nest, you download the app and adjust your home’s heat/air while  you’re out on your iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device, so that you’re not wasting energy. Then you pump the temp back to a comfortable level half and hour before getting home.

The beauty of the Nest’s technology is its accessibility and ease of use: use remotely at any time. Of course, its chic look doesn’t hurt: it’s a circular metallic disc you simply pop onto the spot on your wall where you had your old thermostat.

The eco-friendly goody sells for $250–a man toy plus all that that will surely pay for itself within months.