’tis the season to celebrate seasonal apples


Tweet With autumn festivities in full swing, there is nothing more rewarding than the simplicity of celebrating nature’s generous gift du jour: seasonal, locally-picked apples. And a sumptuous gift indeed. This year, we discovered arguably the best apples ever to be eaten– called Zestar! (yes, spelled with an explanation point–well deserved emphatic punctuation but not added by […]

savory vegan daikon cakes

Jin Hirata

Tweet   Healer and fellow healthy lifestyle aficionado Jin Hirata has generously shared his authentic Japanese recipe for daikon (Japanese radish) cakes with Sweet Bean. Jin, a chef and wellness coach who hosts vegan, macrobiotic cooking classes in NYC, includes this recipe in his currently running daikon cooking class. Check out Jin’s web site Whole Life […]

gluten-free sweet potato chamomile muffins


Tweet Nothing hits the spot on a bitter winter morning more than a mighty muffin rich in flavor and nutrition. This gluten, dairy and sugar-free recipe uses sweet potatoes–prolific this time of year and a root veg of choice for seasonal produce loyalists–gluten-free millet flour, a dash of garbanzo bean flour for added nutrition, and Norbu, which Sweet […]

new, no-sugar goodness


Tweet Current knowledge of the harmful effects of cane sugar, corn syrup (proven to cause inflammation and high blood sugar) and processed sugar alternatives (studies are showing that low-calorie artificial sweeteners convert to fat and sugar in the body after they are eaten), is making conscious eaters seek alternatives. Of  course, while baking with brown rice syrup or maple […]

cool conscious eating apps


Tweet All aspects of modern culture, including making healthy eating choices,  have been finding their way onto social media in the form of blogs, twitter posts and uTube videos. The latest medium for this trend is the arrival of apps, available for download onto your iphones and ipads from the Apple store, featuring search tools for finding […]

magnificent eats at macéo


Tweet Paris renders visions of architectural grandeur, cheap wine and meat-heavy menus at cafes en d’hors. Ways of the modern world, however, are catching up with everyone, even the French, especially when it comes to healthy dining, including vegetarian, vegan, whole grain and gluten-free options. It has been 20 years since I visited France–previously as a study abroad […]

making a vegan seder plate

passover2014 011

Tweet This year, we celebrated the first night of Passover as any semi-prepared, health-minded, compassionate, eco-conscious family who holds itself beholden to no given tradition should:  vegan and gluten-free. The seder plate was unexpectedly easy to assemble as long as you are willing to subscribe to symbolism with liberties. For the maror, or the bitter herb, […]

gluten-free carrot kugel


Tweet Sweet Bean whipped up this recipe using my ominous stash of chunky CSA carrots–a vegan, gluten and sugar-free riff off of the traditional version in the fabulous cookbook featuring vegetarian Jewish dishes from throughout the world called Olive Trees and Honey.   In my version, I substitute white flour for oat and millet flour, use […]

mini sunflower seed butter cups with cacao nibs

sunflowercups2 010

Tweet These bite sized cups make for a tasty, nutritious snack or treat. Made with sunflower seed butter, millet flour, margarine and agave, these vegan, gluten-free treats are high in protein and calcium, not to mention numerous minerals including magnesium, phosphorus and copper. The use of millet flour and agave also means they don’t contain processed […]