kiss that cell phone radiation bye bye


Evidence remains inconclusive about the toxic affects of cell phone radiation on our health, but enough proof has been found to warrant serious concern. Not only are seven billion people using cell phones worldwide, but our kids are listening to music, playing apps and watching YouTube videos on these mobile devices.

 Let’s admit it; none of us want to cut out cell phone use altogether, so what can we do about all those radioactive waves being absorbed into our skin, brains and bodies?

Now, Pong Research may just have found a solution. The company’s cell phone and iPad cases “redirect radiation away from your head and body,” according to the company’s web site.

Their products include cases for the Apple iPhone 3G, 5 and 5S (cases for the iPhone 4S are no longer available for purchase), Sumsung and Blackberry models, and other android phones.  Cases are also available for 4 models of iPads and for the new iPad mini.

Sweet Bean now has two of their products—the black cover for the iPad2, and the 4S iPhone cover in light blue. Love them. The casing, designed with an ultra thin, hard plastic design, firmly locks into place. The look is chic, and the lock feature assures that the case won’t slip off—a serious problem we had with iPad covers we purchased from Best Buy, which invariably led to dropping and cracking the screens of our iPad several times. An added feature of the iPad 2 cover that S loves is the fold-and-rest design of the backing, which allows S to “sit” the iPad upright on a surface while watching amateur videos of Super Mario Brothers All Bosses on YouTube.

 If you want to read more about the evidence of cell phone radiation’s carcinogenic effects, check out this report titled BioInitiative 2012. In it, a group of medical professionals review some 1800 studies published in the last 10 years, and find that cell phone radiation is associated with numerous harmful effects, including cancer, impaired brain and nervous function, sperm damages and behavioral problems in children.

 For more on Pong, check out their blog.