gluten-free sweet potato chamomile muffins


Tweet Nothing hits the spot on a bitter winter morning more than a mighty muffin rich in flavor and nutrition. This gluten, dairy and sugar-free recipe uses sweet potatoes–prolific this time of year and a root veg of choice for seasonal produce loyalists–gluten-free millet flour, a dash of garbanzo bean flour for added nutrition, and Norbu, which Sweet […]

sweet potato chili latkes


Tweet Tis the season to honor our traditions while re-inventing them to bring more nutrition and style to your holiday table. With that thought in mind, this recipe brings a hearty edginess to traditional Hanukkah latkes by using sweet potatoes and fresh or dried chilis. I love cooking with sweet potatoes when in season since they are a power […]

eco fashion ignites


Tweet Just in time for global warming and the excess garbage crisis, we have a movement in the fashion industry to embrace conscious choices: making clothing, shoes and accessories that are organic, plant-based and/or vegan (free of animal products).     Some major retailers are hopping on board. H &M, the Sweden-based clothing company, now features […]

new, no-sugar goodness


Tweet Current knowledge of the harmful effects of cane sugar, corn syrup (proven to cause inflammation and high blood sugar) and processed sugar alternatives (studies are showing that low-calorie artificial sweeteners convert to fat and sugar in the body after they are eaten), is making conscious eaters seek alternatives. Of  course, while baking with brown rice syrup or maple […]

last days of summer cabbage stew


Tweet   When I received a massive head of Napa cabbage from my last CSA vegetable delivery, I thought it best to chop the entire thing up and transform it into a low-fat, crunchy stew that would warm the heartstrings as the chill of Autumn begrudgingly arrives. The simple stew included most of the items in […]

kiddie power corn mini muffins


Tweet This recipe for corn muffins offers a stealthy way for parents to sneak all sorts of healthy goodness (extra protein, iron and B vitamins) into little bites that the kids will actually eat. Top them with melted honey, organic agave or the real stuff–store bought frosting–to make this healthy snack an irresistible dessert.   […]

stainless steel lunch box perfect for back to school


Tweet I just discovered a new line of lunch boxes produced by Pottery Barn Kids that includes a stainless steel lunch box that fits into a matching eco-friendly lunch bag. The lunch box of my dreams. Called the Mackenzie Blue Dino All-in-One Lunch Bag, the box and matching bag are all made with toxic-free products that […]

spicy eggplant dip using summer CSA veggies


Tweet When I received my first weekly share of summer CSA veggies, my eyes popped at the sight of the fresh salad greens, half-foot long green beans, a glowing zucchini, lengthy scallions, bright green chilies,  and non-GMO corn. But the bulky eggplant was another matter. How to prepare it other than to grill it? Then I thought of […]

Bay Area with kids: creative play & veg eats galore


Tweet Sweet Bean took a bi-annual trip to the Bay Area–chez mutta and sista–that happens to be a wonderful place to travel with kids. We had our agenda set from the get go: hit the several fantastic outdoor play spaces for the boys, including  The Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito and the Children’s Fairyland in Oakland, and munch on […]

cool conscious eating apps


Tweet All aspects of modern culture, including making healthy eating choices,  have been finding their way onto social media in the form of blogs, twitter posts and uTube videos. The latest medium for this trend is the arrival of apps, available for download onto your iphones and ipads from the Apple store, featuring search tools for finding […]