home made organic watermelon juice


With spring in full bloom and seasonal fruit in abundance, there is no better time that the present to make a refreshing, simple, healthy drink from scratch for the entire family: home made watermelon juice. Sweet Bean used an organic watermelon; however, watermelon is one of several fruits considered to have relatively low levels of pesticides, according to the Environmental Working Group. So the recipe can also be made using conventionally-grown watermelon.

Now, you won’t believe how simple it really is to make.

1) Cut open a full melon.

2) Scoop the pulp into a strainer that is placed on top of a pot or bowl.

3) Recruit the kids to help, and use a banana masher or forks to squeeze all of the juice out of the pulp.

3) Run the juice, which may be pulpy, a second time through the strainer.

4) Pour juice into cups. Add ice and sip away. I used these fabulous nontoxic, solid glass tumblers with playful candy-cane striped straws by Home Essentials. Perfect to serve to children and guests.

So much fun.

BTW, no sugar or added sweetener is needed – watermelon juice is naturally delicious and super sweet!