kiddie power corn mini muffins


Tweet This recipe for corn muffins offers a stealthy way for parents to sneak all sorts of healthy goodness (extra protein, iron and B vitamins) into little bites that the kids will actually eat. Top them with melted honey, organic agave or the real stuff–store bought frosting–to make this healthy snack an irresistible dessert.   […]

stainless steel lunch box perfect for back to school


Tweet I just discovered a new line of lunch boxes produced by Pottery Barn Kids that includes a stainless steel lunch box that fits into a matching eco-friendly lunch bag. The lunch box of my dreams. Called the Mackenzie Blue Dino All-in-One Lunch Bag, the box and matching bag are all made with toxic-free products that […]

Bay Area with kids: creative play & veg eats galore


Tweet Sweet Bean took a bi-annual trip to the Bay Area–chez mutta and sista–that happens to be a wonderful place to travel with kids. We had our agenda set from the get go: hit the several fantastic outdoor play spaces for the boys, including  The Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito and the Children’s Fairyland in Oakland, and munch on […]

vegan cookie cake


Tweet It was Sweetie’s 7th birthday this weekend, which kind of required making him a cake. But I was faced with a contradiction that defies the nature of the birthday experience: Sweetie doesn’t like the stuff. Not vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, whole grain or anything in between. In fact, the only junk he’ll eat aside from plain […]

fall-themed vegan cupcakes


Tweet We celebrated Bean’s 4th b-day yesterday at our local kid’s play space, and enhanced the experience with my tried and true vegan cuppies made from the Cherrybrook Kitchen vegan baking mix.  It seemed necessary to top them with floral-shaped candy sprinkles in fall colors: orange, yellow, green and pink. The gummy squares you see on the white […]

sweet bean’s gluten-free pasta picks


Tweet My sister, who is gluten-free, has me brainwashed: don’t give the boys too much wheat. It’s an easy habit to fall into when, as veggie kids, their diets are grain-based. So I started checking out the gluten- free sections at grocery stores, and have experimented with different brands. One important factor to keep in […]

artificial-free, sugar-free lollipops for kids


Tweet After taking my toddler to the dentist and discovering that he had cavities, he has been officially weaned off YumEarth Organics organic lollies made with organic cane crystals. I need a sugar-free option that doesn’t have artificial colors or additives. My dentist recommended Dr. John’s all-natural lollipops, which are sweetened with xylitol, an extract […]

veggie and vegan finds at disney

wavevegmenu (589x800)

Tweet I recently gave into the hype and went with the fam to what my three-year-old refers to as “mickey park” for five entire days. I expected the boys and I to overdose on pasta and French fries, and we did have our fair share. However, there is something to be said for the veggie—even […]