spring delights @ MOMA’s The Modern


Tweet On rare occasions, beauty and grace can be found in good food. My spontaneous lunch plans with friends at The Modern–MOMA’s uppidy big sister to its café–brought unexpected excitement and delight to my palate on such a flawlessly warm and sunny spring day. The lunch menu at The Modern is prix fix, which means that you’re committed to ordering at […]

spicy eggplant dip using summer CSA veggies


Tweet When I received my first weekly share of summer CSA veggies, my eyes popped at the sight of the fresh salad greens, half-foot long green beans, a glowing zucchini, lengthy scallions, bright green chilies,  and non-GMO corn. But the bulky eggplant was another matter. How to prepare it other than to grill it? Then I thought of […]

magnificent eats at macéo


Tweet Paris renders visions of architectural grandeur, cheap wine and meat-heavy menus at cafes en d’hors. Ways of the modern world, however, are catching up with everyone, even the French, especially when it comes to healthy dining, including vegetarian, vegan, whole grain and gluten-free options. It has been 20 years since I visited France–previously as a study abroad […]

making a vegan seder plate

passover2014 011

Tweet This year, we celebrated the first night of Passover as any semi-prepared, health-minded, compassionate, eco-conscious family who holds itself beholden to no given tradition should:  vegan and gluten-free. The seder plate was unexpectedly easy to assemble as long as you are willing to subscribe to symbolism with liberties. For the maror, or the bitter herb, […]