’tis the season to celebrate seasonal apples


Tweet With autumn festivities in full swing, there is nothing more rewarding than the simplicity of celebrating nature’s generous gift du jour: seasonal, locally-picked apples. And a sumptuous gift indeed. This year, we discovered arguably the best apples ever to be eaten– called Zestar! (yes, spelled with an explanation point–well deserved emphatic punctuation but not added by […]

savory vegan daikon cakes

Jin Hirata

Tweet   Healer and fellow healthy lifestyle aficionado Jin Hirata has generously shared his authentic Japanese recipe for daikon (Japanese radish) cakes with Sweet Bean. Jin, a chef and wellness coach who hosts vegan, macrobiotic cooking classes in NYC, includes this recipe in his currently running daikon cooking class. Check out Jin’s web site Whole Life […]

chunky root veg soup

root veg soup

Tweet When in need of comfort food with a healthy twist, look no further than this shockingly simple 3-step recipe for chunky root veggie soup using nothing more than seasonal produce and a few kitchen staples for added flavor. When I say 3-step, I live up to my promise: Step 1: Wash, peel and cut your favorite root […]

last days of summer cabbage stew


Tweet   When I received a massive head of Napa cabbage from my last CSA vegetable delivery, I thought it best to chop the entire thing up and transform it into a low-fat, crunchy stew that would warm the heartstrings as the chill of Autumn begrudgingly arrives. The simple stew included most of the items in […]

kiddie power corn mini muffins


Tweet This recipe for corn muffins offers a stealthy way for parents to sneak all sorts of healthy goodness (extra protein, iron and B vitamins) into little bites that the kids will actually eat. Top them with melted honey, organic agave or the real stuff–store bought frosting–to make this healthy snack an irresistible dessert.   […]

spicy eggplant dip using summer CSA veggies


Tweet When I received my first weekly share of summer CSA veggies, my eyes popped at the sight of the fresh salad greens, half-foot long green beans, a glowing zucchini, lengthy scallions, bright green chilies,  and non-GMO corn. But the bulky eggplant was another matter. How to prepare it other than to grill it? Then I thought of […]

vegan thai (spicy ‘n sweet) muffins

sandraandthaimuffins 025

Tweet This recipe for Thai spice muffins is whole grain and vegan with an outside-the-box flavor profile:  moistened with coconut milk, sweetened with fresh basil and honey or agave, with ground coriander and cinnamon added for that extra kick. It’s presented here with a Thai-inspired butter made of margarine mixed with agave, basil and coriander, which is particularly indulgent if melted […]

making a vegan seder plate

passover2014 011

Tweet This year, we celebrated the first night of Passover as any semi-prepared, health-minded, compassionate, eco-conscious family who holds itself beholden to no given tradition should:  vegan and gluten-free. The seder plate was unexpectedly easy to assemble as long as you are willing to subscribe to symbolism with liberties. For the maror, or the bitter herb, […]