when organic isn’t enough

the third plate

Tweet Right when we thought we’ve come so far in our efforts to embrace the organic movement and subsequently protect the planet, someone has come along and popped our proverbial, righteous bubble. Dan Barber, chef of the sophisticated, suburban New York farm-to-table restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns, knocks tree-hugging environmentalists on their behinds while issuing a sharp critique of […]

eco fashion ignites


Tweet Just in time for global warming and the excess garbage crisis, we have a movement in the fashion industry to embrace conscious choices: making clothing, shoes and accessories that are organic, plant-based and/or vegan (free of animal products).     Some major retailers are hopping on board. H &M, the Sweden-based clothing company, now features […]

stainless steel lunch box perfect for back to school


Tweet I just discovered a new line of lunch boxes produced by Pottery Barn Kids that includes a stainless steel lunch box that fits into a matching eco-friendly lunch bag. The lunch box of my dreams. Called the Mackenzie Blue Dino All-in-One Lunch Bag, the box and matching bag are all made with toxic-free products that […]

kiss that cell phone radiation bye bye


Tweet Evidence remains inconclusive about the toxic affects of cell phone radiation on our health, but enough proof has been found to warrant serious concern. Not only are seven billion people using cell phones worldwide, but our kids are listening to music, playing apps and watching YouTube videos on these mobile devices.  Let’s admit it; […]

some eco-friendly and solid wood kitchenware

globe salt and pepper

Tweet My stash of everyday kids snack bowls are in dire need of an eco-face lift: the cute set of colorful kids’ plastic bowls are peeling, and the half-a-decade-old small plastic plates are most certainly leeching BPA by now.  As an aside, my sad metal salt and pepper shakers are crusted who-knows-what from ten years of use. My mom used simple wooden […]