’tis the season to celebrate seasonal apples


Tweet With autumn festivities in full swing, there is nothing more rewarding than the simplicity of celebrating nature’s generous gift du jour: seasonal, locally-picked apples. And a sumptuous gift indeed. This year, we discovered arguably the best apples ever to be eaten– called Zestar! (yes, spelled with an explanation point–well deserved emphatic punctuation but not added by […]

vegan thai (spicy ‘n sweet) muffins

sandraandthaimuffins 025

Tweet This recipe for Thai spice muffins is whole grain and vegan with an outside-the-box flavor profile:  moistened with coconut milk, sweetened with fresh basil and honey or agave, with ground coriander and cinnamon added for that extra kick. It’s presented here with a Thai-inspired butter made of margarine mixed with agave, basil and coriander, which is particularly indulgent if melted […]

creamy banana delight (vegan)


Tweet Hubby has been on the hunt for health (ish) dessert options, and apple sauce does not hit the spot night after night. H loves bananas, and I often find myself with extra ripe (aka brown) bananas I freeze for use in baking. So, the other night, in an attempt to whip a little something different […]