loving my stainless steel kitchenware for kids

untangled living

I have been fixated on stainless steel for a while; specifically, stainless steel storage products for the kitchen. Stainless steel is inherently toxic-free—it contains no harmful minerals such as aluminum or chemicals used to make plastics that have the potential to leech into your and your children’s food.

 My love affair started with this stainless steel dishware set for babies and toddlers by Untangled Living. The set, which includes a pint-sized plate, cup, bowl, fork and spoon, comes with a gecko or a butterfly motif. The cutlery has gotten eaten by the dishwasher over the years, but I still use the plate and bowl daily when feeding my four-year-old.

 Another all time favorite products is this Lunchbots stainless steel food container, with a compact rectangular shape that’s perfect for packing Ss PB&J sandwiches and Bs avocado sushi rolls. You can also get the container with a divider in the middle for packing two snacks at a time.

 Not to be outdone are the To Go Ware large and small stainless steel snack containers, which I use for everything from storing leftovers to packing nuts for myself when running out the door. The lids also got eaten by the dishwasher, so I needed replacements. When I contacted To Go Ware to purchase new ones, I was told that the lids are not sold separately. However, the customer service agent sensed my panic, and offered me a discount code to replace the entire set. Nice.

 Back to having a stash of roasted, salted almonds at arm’s reach when shuttling the kids around or running errands.

In my next related post… stainless steel water bottles for kids: the good, the bad and the moldy