spring delights @ MOMA’s The Modern


On rare occasions, beauty and grace can be found in good food.

My spontaneous lunch plans with friends at The Modern–MOMA’s uppidy big sister to its café–brought unexpected excitement and delight to my palate on such a flawlessly warm and sunny spring day.

The lunch menu at The Modern is prix fix, which means that you’re committed to ordering at least a two-course menu the minute you sit down and turn down the offer for a wine menu. Prices are not listed next to each item; the menu contains a annotation in small font size in the bottom right hand corner with the price for the entire meal.

Oh, how grateful I am for prix fix on this occasion since it led me to experience the most sumptuously healthy meal with the most wonderful combination of flavors.

The meal began with an amuse bouche of pureed pea soup submerged in a wheel-shaped cheese crust. The bright green color suggested pure freshness, while the slightly cooked hole peas and crusty parmesan wheel delivered a balanced texture profile with both smooth and crunchy elements. modern1stcourse

Next came the green salad with avocado and mint, as indicated on the menu. The real thing appeared like a floral arrangement on the plate, with the lettuce leaves artfully arranged. The avocado was served as a creamy, pureed fruit-based dressing, with a generous portion of crunchy powdered mint sprinkled on top. So close to heaven in a few mere bites.

The plant-based meal reached its pinnacle with my custom-made main course of seasonal vegetables, treated delicately by being cooked until just tender and dressed with a butter-based herb sauce. The veggies included spinach, baby radishes, celery and mushrooms. modernmain

The East Coast winter was as grueling as ever this year. The universe, in the end, did its job and provided by allowing  late spring to announce itself with pure pleasure and refinement in the form of lunch at The Modern.