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print books and guides

Essential Reading in Hepatitis, Soken Communications, December 2014

Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination and Practice Preparation, March 2014

Stem Cell Progress Report, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International, Winter 2011

The Essential Guide to Brain Tumors, National Brain Tumor Society, 2010

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CME: Breakthrough Pain: Epidemiology and Assessment, Pain Medicine News, 2004

online lifestyle content

6 Healthy Restaurant Chains Your Kids Will Love, EcoWatch, March 2015

5 Alternatives to Sugar Kids Will Love, EcoWatch, March 2015

Rooibos Preserves Wine Without Chemicals, EcoWatch, March 2015

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Superfoods, EcoWatch, February 2015

3 Alternatives to Cow’s Milk for Kids, EcoWatch, February 2015

Giving Peanuts to Infants May Prevent Peanut Allergies, EcoWatch, February 2015

About Maclaren Strollers,, January 2015

Creamy Vegan Pasta Alfredo, Yogi Times, Fall 2014

Vegan Vitamins for Children, San Francisco Chronicle’s SF Gate, January 2014

Sippy Cups for Babies,, January 2014

Herbal Ingredients in Origins Skin Care Products,, August 2013

About Aveda Shampoo,, August 2013

Foods Breastfeeding Moms Should Avoid,, August 2013

The Benefits of Breastfeeding Infants, San Francisco Chronicle’s SF Gate, June 2013

print articles on medicine and health

Pregnancy and Vegetarianism, Pregnancy Magazine, April 2009

Cooking a Low Salt Meal, Kidney International, 2008; 74:1105-1106

Medical Editor’s Meeting Highlights, ISMTE Newsletter, March 2008

Celebrating New Features, Kidney International, 2008

Progress Report, Kidney International, 2006

Test May Speed Acetaminophen Diagnosis, Pain Medicine News, December 2005

Physician Discusses Treatment for Back Pain, Pain Medicine News, June 2005

Visiting a Neurologist Improves Recovery, Pain Medicine News, June 2004

Knee Pain Treatment, Pain Medicine News, June 2004

Transplanting Islets From Pigs To Humans, Diabetes Health, January 2003

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Weathering Type 1 Diabetes, Diabetes Health, June 2002

Diabetes and Left-Handed, Diabetes Health, February 2002

Stomach Stapling, Diabetes Health, May 2001

Angiograms May Cause Kidney Damage, Diabetes Health, April 2001

travel writing 

Italian restaurants in Kapolei, Hawaii, USA Today, May 2010

Rio De Janiero, Travel World, March/April 2001

New Traveler, Executive Editor and Co-Founder, 2000

Minus the Meat, Please, Student Travels magazine, Fall 2000


Dance Review, The Manhattan Resident, December 1999

Professor Advocates for Education Reform, Washington Square News, 1999

Third Parties in Governor’s Race, NYU School of Journalism, 1998