bring on the nut butters

but butter spread

Nut-based alternatives to peanut butter are becoming more popular than ever due to a variety of reasons:  allergies, differences in nutritional values, or simply personal preference. The spate of nut butters on the market today are many. Preparing meals/cooking with them can be an exercise in culinary creativity since these butters offers subtle differences in flavor, texture, consistency, cooking time, vitamins and minerals.

Check out some of the but butter options listed below. Be sure to look out for the USDA organic label, or an indication that the ingredients are free of genetically-modified ingredients. Growing foods using the use of harsh chemicals and/or chemically altered seeds not only changes the genetic make-up of food, but puts cancer-causing additives into our bodies.

The Sneaky Chef No Nut Butter. This new product surpasses the idea of a nut butter alternative to peanut butter by bringing us a butter that looks and tastes similar to peanut butter but contains no nuts. The creamy, high protein spread is made of GMO-free peas.

Blue Mountain Organics. This company produces high quality, organic nut butters including  brazil nut butter, cashew butter, macadamia nut butter and almond butter.

Super Organic Foods. This company churns artisanal batches of organic almond butter that are certified raw, kosher, soy-free and vegan.

Sun Organic Farm. This farm based in San Marcos, California, makes their own brand of organic almond butter, cashew butter, sesame tahini, and soy butter.

Manna Organics.  This brand makes a delectable array of unique butters including coconut cashew, cinnamon date, fig nut, nut medley, amaretto almond, cinnamon chili, cashew bliss and dark chocolate pecan (can you say divine?!)

MaraNatha. This company, launched in the 80s in Ashland, Oregon and now one of the larger producers of nut butters in the U.S., makes the coveted specialties sunflower seed butter and coconut butter, in addition to a spate of more common peanut butter alternatives–all organic, of course.