some eco-friendly and solid wood kitchenware

globe salt and pepper

My stash of everyday kids snack bowls are in dire need of an eco-face lift: the cute set of colorful kids’ plastic bowls are peeling, and the half-a-decade-old small plastic plates are most certainly leeching BPA by now.  As an aside, my sad metal salt and pepper shakers are crusted who-knows-what from ten years of use. My mom used simple wooden bowls to serve my sibs and I dinner and snacks throughout our childhood; I’ve been on the hunt for similar ones for ages–everyday bowls that can take being dropped, scratched and washed twice a day.


A came upon this set of 6 snack-sized Acadia Calabash solid wood bowls on one of my all-time favorite virtual window shopping web sites One Kings Lane. On the same set of shopping items were these charming bamboo “globe” salt and pepper shakers (above) with a wonderful grind feature for the pepper.

Finally, I spent almost nothing on Amazon to purchase this everlasting 16-piece set of Correlle bowls and plates–durable and made of glass, which means they can hack being washed up to five times a day. I searched high and low online, and could find no evidence of toxicity in Correlle glass dishware; if any readers are aware that Corelle dishes leach toxins, drop me a line and let me know!

correll set