the skinny on crunchy lunchboxes

sugarboogerlaminatedlunch sack

Choosing a lunchbox for your child can be surprisingly complicated: it needs to be the right size (many are too small to fit a stainless steel water bottle in addition to food), made without harsh chemicals (look for the BPA/PVC-free seal), long-lasting, and have a cute design that both you and your child can agree upon (S’s requests for skull patterns in the past have been quickly denied).

After testing out the gamut of lunch boxes over the years, Sweet Bean has settled on a few all-time favorite brands that are eco-friendly, designed to last, and offer playful patterns that satisfy the eye of both parent and child.

Sugar Booger Classic (laminated) Lunch Sack

This lunch sack (above) is perhaps my favorite for use during a long school day because of its size: big enough to fit a stainless steel water bottle, lunch, and snack. The laminated fabric makes it highly durable since it repels water and is easy to wipe clean, and the sack-like shape with handle is easy for a little one to carry/hold. One other perk of this design is the flip-down top–simple for a small child to open and close on his or her own. The sack comes in more than 20 cool patterns, including springtime butterflies (above), friendly dinosaurs, earth-toned musical instruments, and more.

Sugar Booger (cloth) Zippee Lunch Tote



Sugar Booger’s other line of lunchboxes, which they call totes, model the classic lunchbox design, with a rectangular shape and zipper, and added handle for carrying. The cloth fabric is especially appealing for those anti-plastic parents, and the patterns, like this retro robot one, are cute as ever. However, the fabric gets moldy easily if it gets wet, which doesn’t bode well for long-term use.

Fluf lunch bag

Fluf Organic Lunch Bag

I have not purchased this adorable lunch sack made of organic cotton with a handy key hole for a handle, but just found it on Amazon and I very tempted to try it. Not only is the eco-friendly fabric is a big plus, but the line of lunch bags come in charming motifs, including this aqua penguin (above), a neon pink bunny, a jet black big and more.

Crocodile Creek Classic Lunchbox

Crocodile Creek is a favorite brand of eco-friendly parents–the company makes not only lunch boxes that are certifiably PVC and BPA free, but stainless steel water bottles, placemats, and more. Their lunchboxes have a classic rectangular shape, with a zipper  that runs around 3 of the 4 sides. S used one such lunch box for a long period of time (at least one year) until it started to smell from food crumbs that I could not remove from in cracks no matter how hard I scrubbed, and had a zipper that eventually broke. One downside of the design is that my toddler could not open and close the zipper on his own.