eco-friendly decor for the kids’ bedrooms


After furnishing the boys rooms one year ago, it’s finally time to add some eco-friendly touches of modern décor. Their spaces, while painted shades of blue using Benjamin Moore’s line of zero-VOC paint, and attired with solid wood bed sets made in the USA (review of their solid wood children’s furniture to come in separate post), lack the proverbial bells and whistles that create that wow factor. And who should live life without the wow factor?

The boys need rugs to both add a visual element and provide some padding over the hard wood floors during playtime and bedtime reading. the rugs need to be modern to match the rest of the house and their Dwell Studios transportation bedding.

For S, Sweet Bean found this 100% wool  Honeycomb rug in plaster from West Elm. And it didn’t break the bank: the size I purchased cost a mere $100. What I like perhaps best about the floor covering is that it’s handcrafted by Panipat artisans in India. West Elm claims that it has committed to giving local artisans millions of dollars in business for their hand-made pieces.

B expressed a decidedly stronger opinion about the rug he wanted: it had to have a transportation theme. His words, exactly: “I want a road!”

Numerous children’s rugs with playful road designs on them are to be found online, but everyone I came across is made with polypropylene or polyester.  Yikes. After a solid few minutes of scouring, I found this 100% cotton Circus Collection Area Rug from Hayneedle with a charming rectangular freight train pattern. This piece was  also reasonably priced- $149 with free shipping.

Finally, I need seating for S. room. Sitting without back support on the hard wood floors for bedtime reading is becoming a nightly lesson in posturing. It needs to be compact since S. only has approximately 40 inches of space available between the chest of drawers and his platform bed.

I was psyched to find this eco-friendly Lounger from Pottery Barn Teens. I comes in two sizes–I got the double size so that we can sit together while reading cooks– and five colors, including blue, pink, purple and brown–S. picked out dark blue. The best part: the cover is 100% cotton and the fill is made of recycled materials.

Call me Ishmamom: I’m now rearing to navigate bedtime fully geared with the material comforts that the boys’ bedrooms needed.