earthy art project for kids: build a stone structure


On the last day of S’s winter break from school, we ventured south, through the windy back roads of Yonkers, to the little-known educational venue called the Hudson River Museum.

Admittedly, I chose the location because of its video game exhibit–a retrospective on the evolution of video games whose subtleties where lost on said seven-year-old but who nonetheless got a kick out of playing the ancient (aka 70s) version of Super Mario.

Not all was lost since we stumped upon the museum’s educational center, which was featuring a stone building art project included in the cost of admission. The only items being used were those you can find at home: palm-sized stones or pebbles, clay, glue and paint.

S. masterfully constructed a handsome-looking tottering tower, which could have been easily been converted to a technicolored dreamcoat, rock monster, or the like.

It’s an easy, playful art project that uses natural objects, and doesn’t require strong fine motor skills. To make the stone structure, gather small stones, rocks and pebbles from outside. Assemble all the tools for the project on a table. Have your child layer the rocks one on top of the other, using pieces of clay or play doh and a smudge of glue between each layer. Smaller pebbles can be used to make arms, feet, or other body parts. Once the structure is completed, have your child paint it using multiple colors. Let dry for 30 minutes.