glorious greens at sugar and plumm in NYC


I just gorged on a generous heaping of glorious greens at Sugar and Plumm in NYC. Whodda thunk. The venue, decidedly indulgent, features heart-stopping (literally) treats on stunning display: French macarons available in a rainbow of colors, house-made chocolates, two-inch think chocolate chip cookies, just to mention a few.

I happened upon the place when catching up child-free with one of my dearest friends, who is gluten-free and vegan. She chose a cup of coffee with soy milk. I opted for iced coffee lightweight style: half soy milk, half brew.

Dearest friend and I were also tickled by Sugar and Plumm’s décor, which I must share for those tempted to check it out: a mosaic on the back wall of lollipops, cakes, cupcakes and other sugary delights, plus monochromatic table settings with purple chairs and napkins.


Perhaps unbeknownst to the passerby, the sweet shop also offers a balanced lunch menu that includes paninis, buckwheat crepes (tempting but not vegan), plenty of salads and a “yummus” plate—their charming play on the word hummus.

I perused the menu, searching for something comforting. I paused when my eyes scanned the salads, then settled on the greens, placed discriminately in the “sides” section on the bottom right section of the menu. Spinach sprinkled with lemon and haricot verts sautéed with shallots.  Sold.

When the plate arrived, it was heaping with glorious greens: perfectly sautéed with a touch of oil and spices. The portion was massive: too much for me to eat in one sitting, which is a hard thing for a restaurant dish to accomplish. I ate and ate and ate until I could eat no more.

Enough iron and fiber for days, thank you very much.