spring delights @ MOMA’s The Modern


Tweet On rare occasions, beauty and grace can be found in good food. My spontaneous lunch plans with friends at The Modern–MOMA’s uppidy big sister to its café–brought unexpected excitement and delight to my palate on such a flawlessly warm and sunny spring day. The lunch menu at The Modern is prix fix, which means that you’re committed to ordering at […]

when organic isn’t enough

the third plate

Tweet Right when we thought we’ve come so far in our efforts to embrace the organic movement and subsequently protect the planet, someone has come along and popped our proverbial, righteous bubble. Dan Barber, chef of the sophisticated, suburban New York farm-to-table restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns, knocks tree-hugging environmentalists on their behinds while issuing a sharp critique of […]

Bay Area with kids: creative play & veg eats galore


Tweet Sweet Bean took a bi-annual trip to the Bay Area–chez mutta and sista–that happens to be a wonderful place to travel with kids. We had our agenda set from the get go: hit the several fantastic outdoor play spaces for the boys, including  The Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito and the Children’s Fairyland in Oakland, and munch on […]

cool conscious eating apps


Tweet All aspects of modern culture, including making healthy eating choices,  have been finding their way onto social media in the form of blogs, twitter posts and uTube videos. The latest medium for this trend is the arrival of apps, available for download onto your iphones and ipads from the Apple store, featuring search tools for finding […]

magnificent eats at macéo


Tweet Paris renders visions of architectural grandeur, cheap wine and meat-heavy menus at cafes en d’hors. Ways of the modern world, however, are catching up with everyone, even the French, especially when it comes to healthy dining, including vegetarian, vegan, whole grain and gluten-free options. It has been 20 years since I visited France–previously as a study abroad […]

bring on the nut butters

but butter spread

Tweet Nut-based alternatives to peanut butter are becoming more popular than ever due to a variety of reasons:  allergies, differences in nutritional values, or simply personal preference. The spate of nut butters on the market today are many. Preparing meals/cooking with them can be an exercise in culinary creativity since these butters offers subtle differences in flavor, texture, consistency, cooking time, vitamins and minerals. Check […]

bountiful veggie bites at le bernadin


Tweet A recent biz dinner with hubby and colleagues brought us to Le Bernadin in NYC on a recent Saturday night. My impression from a prior resto-week lunch years ago was that the top-rated venue was chic and classic but with food that did not wow (this level of culinary disappointment can, in fact, happen).  […]

glorious greens at sugar and plumm in NYC


Tweet I just gorged on a generous heaping of glorious greens at Sugar and Plumm in NYC. Whodda thunk. The venue, decidedly indulgent, features heart-stopping (literally) treats on stunning display: French macarons available in a rainbow of colors, house-made chocolates, two-inch think chocolate chip cookies, just to mention a few. I happened upon the place when […]

plant-based divine dining


Tweet I just had what may be the quintessential farm-to-table dining experience of my life, composed almost completely of plants. The place: Blue Hill at Stone Barns; the time: a Sunday evening in early September, when the wild flowers, edible herbs, and delicate vegetables of summer were still in full bloom. And the best part: the […]