wise eats in northern westchester


Sometimes the undiscovered brings wisdom to our lives. Such is the case with the opening of a small storefront in our little town in Northern Westchester: a little shop called Be Wies that is shock full of nutritious, organic and vegetarian prepared food, snacks, cooking products, vitamins, herbal remedies, and more, including a fresh juice bar and lovely staff who will guide you through the gamit of edible options.

Located surreptitiously next to the green dry cleaner, Be Wies features two cute sitting areas, one at the entrance and another one in the back, where peeps can order their protein or green smoothies then sit and chat.

But the prepared food and snacks are what got my eyes lit up: vegan wraps with hummus, mock tuna, and one gluten-free with rice paper and coconut. Then, there were the sorbets, multiple brands of almond ice cream and organic yogurts.

Hubby had come the week before, and brought home two bags of this Elemental Superfood Crumble found on the top shelf of the refigerator: a pretty penny in cost at $13 a bag, but well worth it–completely raw and made of sprouted organic buckwheat that is almost like eating meat since it contains all the plant-based amino acids, plus seeds and bits of cocoa without any added sugar.  Pure delish.



But it is the selection of organic coffees, teas and cooking oils will undoubtedly bring me back in a jiffy.

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